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    Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 10:50 AM


    Cool Rainy, dismal, shitty. Those three words would aptly describe what I'm seeing out my window on this Saturday morning. January and February have been rough months for this one over the past couple years. This year has been a hell of a lot better though. A good night's sleep pretty much every night. Still, I'll be glad when Winter is finally over for the year- which looks to be sometime in March.
    Music News. In the words of the Science Officer on the first Alien(wonderfully played by Ian Holm), "I'm still collating". I've been working on a couple different CD projects, and am still putting them together. Editing, at least on my own stuff, is something I actually enjoy. So I'm trying to pick the best stuff, to hone and polish until we get there. Still collating..
    YouTube is still a place to listen to guitar jams. I've tried to get recordings of my gigs with minimal success. Seems like it wants to be a place for guitar shenanigans, so I'm trying to just let it be what it wants to be. Actually, I think I play better sometimes in the cloistered confines of my music room- though a good crowd can also inspire. By good here, I mean receptive rather than numerous. Quality over quantity. Quiet until it's time to make some noise. 
    Back to YouTube land.There are a number of playlists, and that's something I'm adding to as I go. Two new playlists are the Jerome Kern Songbook, and Sammy Nestico.  I'm going to keep on using my digital camera to record and assess my playing, so there will usually be something worth sharing. Go to Playlists, and then Created Playlists. There's a lot there: Uptempo, Swing, Bebop, Solo Guitar, Originals, and much more. And(not to steer you away from my stuff)there are other guitarists featured. Like Adam Rogers. 
    So much for my commercial. Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Saturday to you! I'm on to other things(more coffee, Lumosity, breakfast). More later. 
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