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    Thursday, December 13th, 2018 10:55 AM


    CoolGood morning Vietnam! Oh, sorry, wrong movie. It's a dark, cloudy Thursday morning out there, but warmer. A big domestic day yesterday making sure this place will be warm enough when the real shit hits the fan in January and/or February. I envy my cats just a little bit for their fur coats. 
        Music news. Two more performances this year: 12/21(at Robbie's)and 12/31 at the Hoogland. Probably a date on January 19 at Miss D's, and one definite date on 2/9 back at Arlington's. And something in the Spring with my old pal David Hoffman. Dave and I used to play just about every gig in Springfield for awhile in there- ubiquitous figures on the scene..
       At this stage of the game, I'm playing out once a month. December was an exception, being a holiday month and all, but I'm trying to keep my numbers nice and low.  This is working out beautifully, as I'm able to keep up with the stuff I gotta do- like exercise- and also enjoy a lot of free time. And the gigs themselves are usually a lot more fun.
       YouTube, as well as managing my page, has some other stuff of mine in there. Stuff from my CDs, even including the 3 new ones which are download only. This is the other side of my musical personality: the wacko composer. And it's the one I have the most actual training in. I love to play, but I love to write maybe even a little bit better. So I'm going to be sharing more of this stuff with you guys. There's already one up on the Sam Crain and Friends page on Facebook. More to come!
      That's about all I can muster on this Thursday morning. Thanks for reading as ever. Happy Thursday to you!(if nothing else it's almost Friday). I'm gone. More later. 
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