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    Sunday, June 16th, 2019 10:25 AM


    Cool Good morning! It's 9:43 in the a.m. on this sun n' clouds Sunday. Been up about an hour, and making a dent in that first cup of coffee. I don't hear my Robin going nyuknyuknyuk but other, more distant bird sounds are in the air. And someone's damn lawn mower..
        Music News. We had no bass player last night at Arlington's. Somehow, wires got crossed, and our bass player had another job. So we were working with 3/4 of our artillery. The bass is the instrument that non-musicians don't always notice, but it's the most important thing in there. It's the sine qua non of the band, the foundation.  You may not notice it, but you sure know when it's not there. 
       So we struggled through, yours truly playing lots of bass lines and trying to throw in a few chords as well. And across town at the Hilton, there was another incomplete band, this one missing a chord instrument- I know because I got called for it. So there were at least  two struggling ensembles last night..
      Next up is a private party next Saturday, and then we go our separate ways. Ocean State will be working in a new member, this time on piano; and I'll be working on trio stuff for my Robbie's gig in August. It was a move that needed to be made, but I hope they need me as a sub here and there down the road..
      Outside the world of music, I'm still up to the same stuff. Trying to maintain an exercise regmen working out with dumbbells(and a kettlebell), and have been pretty regular with it. Reading Dave Frishberg's autobiography My Dear Departed Life. Doing Lumosity games, sometimes to excess(I broke one of the Enter keys on my keyboard playing their Math game!). And still watching the highly caffeinated but entertaining Geography Now videos. They do pack quite a bit of information into those 18 minutes or so. I think the only people who talk faster than this guy might be Auctioneers and Car Salesmen..
      Okay. I should wrap this up. Thanks as ever for reading. Hope you enjoyed my bon mots for the day. Happy Sunday to you! And Happy Father's Day! I'm outa here. More later. 
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