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    Sunday, October 14th, 2018 11:06 AM


    Cool Sometimes waking up in the morning can be a jarring experience. I woke up out of a sound sleep, then experienced a minute or two of utter confusion, then went back to sleep for another 40 minutes or so. Two interdependent but separate worlds, waking and dreaming. I was very involved in the dream I was in, but it all faded upon waking. Well, dreamland will be there again tonight, and probably with a whole different backdrop and cast of characters. 
        Yesterday was a day of industry. I've been doing Cardio exclusively for awhile now, but  for the first time in over a month, I got out my weights and did a workout with them. My regimen is about 15 different exercises, and falls into four areas: legs, shoulders, chest and arms. And 2 sets of leg-lifts at the end. Takes an hour and change- like driving to Peoria or Bloomington. I'm amazed nothing hurts today...
       Also a fair to middlin' day on the guitar. Some things I might post to YouTube. I found a couple 'smooth jazz' versions of some standards, and played along. Not sure if I like them. The accompaniment features lots of lush harmonies, with all those altered tones you want to hear. But it ends up stifling what you'd play, since all the "correct" harmonies are laid out for you. 
      I have the same 'objection' to much of Aaron Copland's music(even though I like and admire the wonderful orchestration), in that it's "too nicey-nice".All those harmonies limit what you can play. 
      What usually works better for me is just bare-bones bass and drums. That way I can play the 'nicey-nice' chordal extensions if I want to, or I can go outside the tonality in small or big ways. Much more freedom when things aren't laid out for you. 
       Not to digress too much here, but I also feel this way about some of the news we get, particularly from MSNBC. I like most all of the people with shows on there- particularly Rachel Maddow, whose enthusiasm is infectious-but often feel that, along with the news, we're kinda told how to feel about it. When to approve and when to disapprove. 
       So this is where I'm at, in several different ways. Musically, I might just go back and work some more with my virtual pal Mr Sunnybass, a bassist from Italy(I think)who has a page on YouTube with lots of playalongs. More to come. 
       This is probably enough hoohah to read for now. Thanks for reading. Happy Sunday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 
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